About Us

Rowdy Boys Golf was created for you and for the love of the game.  We have started with fun, golf-themed hats and in the future will be creating a clothing line, as our shirts are in development at this time.  

Our motto at Rowdy Boys Golf is "A Better Fit"..."Look Great, Play Great!!" 

Tired of buying hats or shirts that just don't fit right when you put them on?  Our hats our made to fit just right and don't sit too high or too low.  They fit just right.  Our snap back sizing allows for all sizes to enjoy.  Our shirts, in development, are designed to be a more tailored, athletic fit with shorter sleeves to portray a sleeker, athletic look. We are also working on a collar that doesn't curl and lasts over time.  How many shirts do we all have in the closet that have that curled, worn collar look.  After all, we all need to "Look Great, Play Great!!" 

No hidden agendas, just great fitting clothes that are high design and high quality at a fair price, so everyone can enjoy what we created.  We hope you enjoy our line and we are here for you and the golfer inside of you.  

---Rowdy Boys Golf